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The State is committed to ensuring those with work disabilities are fairly represented in the state workforce.


The State of Illinois Disability Survey is offered annually to all State of Illinois employees under the jurisdiction of the Governor. It is also accessible 24 hours per day for completion by new hires, new transfers, and returning State of Illinois employees and for current employees to update their information.

The objectives of the Survey are two-fold: (1) to determine the number of employees with disabilities in each state agency and to address any underutilization concerns; and (2) to identify any assistance needed in the event of an emergency evacuation.

The use of the electronic survey method provides clear and consistent instructions for completing the survey and guarantees that all employees have equal access to the survey.

All State of Illinois employees are required to visit the website and take the survey. Any information provided is voluntary and you will not be subject to retaliation based on the information provided through the survey or for choosing the “skip” option on the survey.

All information is to remain confidential and shared only with the appropriate agency-designated Equal Employment Opportunity and/or Affirmative Action Officer (EEO/AA Officer), the agency-designated safety personnel (for emergency evacuation purposes only) and the Illinois Department of Human Rights (for compliance purposes).

Help Desk Information

Operational issues including those related to username and password, are to be directed to:

        DoIT Help Desk

        Springfield: 217-524-DoIT 217-524-3648  

        Chicago: 312-814-DoIT 312-814-3648

        TTY: 866-277-5669


After making yourself familiar with the information provided on this page please click on the login button below to begin the survey.